A short introduction to the history of Hampshire Smart Homes

 In 1997 Richard left school with a handful of GCSEs, a skateboard, a guitar, and no idea what to do next. After a few months at college as the logical next step along with his mates, he was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship as an electrician, and so began the journey!

The apprenticeship offered a great variety of work, from shops to manor houses, farms, and even a glue factory! With the breadth of work Richard was lucky enough to pick up skills in control and automation, as well as a passion for beautiful homes. As the muggins responsible for pulling cables run for the AV guys working alongside on the residential projects, Richard soon had a taste for HiFi which suited his love of music, and gradually discovered that the automation skills could also be transferred into the residential work. Lighting also became a major factor of the work, with some new techniques being introduced, and the options for control sparking a combination of creativity and geeky tech excitement.

 After a brief stint in Falmouth working on a new development, and some time working on the docks, Richard headed to the bright lights of London for a change in direction where he worked on a pilot for a feature film and discovered even more things you could do with lighting.

 In 2006, with a variety of experience and a lot of ambition, self employment seemed the obvious choice and R Llewellyn Electrical was born. Initially specialising in garden residential lighting, Richard was soon working with builders and taking on staff to complete some great residential projects.

 After a steady climb and building of the company, a recession hit the country, and the construction industry suffered. Richard was unable to retain staff but succeeded in keeping the company going, along with the relationship with some of the best clients, and spent some time researching and training in home automation and smart home technology when he discovered Loxone as a fantastic whole house automation system and started his first whole house automation project in 2012.

 As a Loxone partner Richard quickly found a great love of the product and it’s versatility and decided it was time to launch a new brand, and as such the idea of Hampshire Smart Homes was born in 2014. After a lot of additional training in networking, audio, and video distribution, together with more experience installing Loxone as a solution, the website was a created, along with social media profiles, and all systems were go.




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