Audioserver iOS music interface

Seemless Multiroom Audio

The Audioserver forms the backbone of a seamless multiroom audio system to complement your Smart Home

With support for radio services from all your favourites, plus Spotify compatibility as well as local sources and network music servers, the Audioserver now also supports AirPlay 2 so you can stream anything from your Apple device.

Of course Loxone make their own speakers, but the Audioserver is fully tuneable to make any speaker sound great, and can also feed into an AVR or amplifier to extend into Home Cinema spaces or dedicated music listening rooms.

As well as having seemless music throughout the house, or dedicated zones with their own seperate sounds, the Audioserver can also become your alarm clock, form part of your security system and doorbell, and even provide announcements when the barbecue is ready or create your own custom anouncements for specific events.